A complete solution for the integration of all production areas
below the ERP-Level. Modular as SCADA, PLS and MES
FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

General information

  • Ready-to-use, comprehensive, configurable and easy-to-use complete solution for the practically-oriented integration and automation of all production areas
  • Tailored to production processes in the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics and food sectors
  • Scalable from a simple machine control to a complete MES system
  • Combines MES- & PLS and SCADA-Functions in one system
  • Electronic recording and documentation (ERB) according to FDA 21 CFR Part 11
  • Ready-to-use software base guarantees a minimalized validation effort in the project
  • Developed from the experience and requirements of production and practice
  • Since 2005 worldwide with more than 1500 installations in productive use

Die Module von PromasCS

RTA (Raw material Tank Application)

Fully integrated raw material tank management for the acceptance and central supply of raw materials

BDA (Batch Dosing Application)

Fully integrated dosing system for the central supply of raw materials for mixing lines and collection points

WMA (Warehouse Management Application)

The right interface to your existing storage system or independent warehouse and space management system for raw materials

WDA (Weighing Dispensing Application)

Weighing raw materials comfortably – Optimal components management. Pharmaceutical law compliance.

CTA (Confirmation Terminal Application)

Integration of existing installations in the paperless documentation (EBR) – without interfering with the existing automation

BATCH – Compounding

Automatic control of production and cleaning processes. Complete documentation of all production steps (EBR). Manage automated batch processes. Configure workflows without programming skills.

BTA (Bulk Tank Application)

Storage and management of bulk goods in stationary or mobile bulk tanks.

FPA (Filling Packaging Application)

Fully integrated management of filling and packaging lines.

SMA (Service Maintenance Application)

Administration of maintenance and maintenance tasks in function of operating hours, switching cycles or time intervals. Increase of operational safety, optimization, exchange intervals and reduction of unscheduled standstills.

MEA (Manufacturing Equipment Application)

Fully integrated status and workflow administration of the equipment required for production.

MBR (Master Batch Record)

The creation of own cleaning and production processes are carried out with helpful support and visualization of the HMI flow diagrams and the graphical flow diagram representation without any programming skills – simply by Drag & Drop.

EBR (Electronic Batch Record)

According to the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements, the “one-click” batch report shows all relevant data of the selected batch.

Track & Trace

The graphical material tracking enhances transparency and simplifies search in any direction. Covering the entire spectrum from the delivery of raw materials and packaging materials to packaging.

Golden Batch - Process analysis

Verification of batches in relation to a reference batch (Golden Batch). Supports CIP (continuous improvement process) with regard to weak point analysis and process optimization.

IPC / Labor - Quality

Assistance in the analysis of weighed and added LOTs, IPCs and laboratory results.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) – API

Interfaces to ERP systems based on different standard technologies

Customer requirements

Special wishes? We implement additional modules into your overall system and adapt existing modules to your needs. No wish should be left open!